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Wall Street It is the WSP's goal to bring awareness to the underserved companies, professionals and exchanges that are the global stock markets. We invite you to sign up for your free profile page. Please click on the sign up button and populate your home page. By creating your own profile you can link to your favorite companies, investment professionals, industry experts. In addition to your Wall Street Profile, the WSP offers our users interactive press release distribution. Your wallstreetprofile allows our users the unique opportunity to issue press releases from their home pages via our affiliate newswire service. Every P.R. that our members disseminate allows the viewer of that information the ability to link back to the originators home page. How does this happen? Simple, the WSP has a link/button on the bottom of each press release. This button takes the reader of the press release directly back to the sender's home page. For the first time ever our members can actually quantify who has read their release. This is unique to the WSP in that we bring potential shareholders back to the senders homepage. The interested reader will get immediate feedback by being directed to our member's home page. From our member's home page, the reader can find: company's representatives, affiliate brokers, investment bankers and other followers of the senders press release. The Possibilities are limitless.... Join Now

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