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How does this all happen? It is simple. There is a “Learn More” link at the bottom of each press release from This link, as simple as it sounds, is instrumental in getting your company Exposure. Think for a moment of all the money and time your company has spent on press releases never knowing who they reached. by having interested investors sign up to our site to follow your company, gives you the answer to that question.

For the first time an investor who reads your press release in another country can click on your press release, get back to your profile on and find a broker or investment banker who is supportive of your company. The old way of doing business would have been to have a potential investor read your press release and call their broker. Many times that broker has a separate agenda. No matter how solid your company is that broker or Brokerage Company usually has their own agenda which may not entail an investor purchasing your stock. Instead, they may talk your potential new shareholder out of purchasing your company and into one they are recommending.

SharewellNewsWire is not about beating up the competition or our friends in the brokerage business. What we are about is getting potential shareholders and interested parties to your company’s profile so they can make qualified investment decisions. SharewellNewsWire is excellent tool that compliments your current Investor Relations and media plans.

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